Category: Century Rides

Tour of Napa Valley 2009

It took several months but I’m starting to get myself back in riding shape again.  I’ve ridden the 100 mile version of the Tour of Napa Valley four years in

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Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge

This is one of my favorite centuries and it travels through some of the most scenic areas of Northern California.  This year the ride director was my good friend Maura who did a

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Livestrong 100 2008 – San Jose

Lance finally brought Livestrong to San Jose.  There were three ride distances: 100, 65, and 50 miles.  There was also a 5K run.  The rides and run combined consisted of

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Canyon Classic 2008

Bill F and I drove out to Patterson with Bill’s wife, Cheryl, on Friday, the 13th (!) so we could start out with the riders on the Canyon Classic the

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Sequoia Century 2008

Started off on this one on my own but ran into Laura J from work and a couple of her friends at the second rest stop.  It was a good

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