Running Races

When I was diagnosed with my third bout with blood clots my pulmonologist put me on blood thinners, permanently. At the time I had nine bicycles but the doctor convinced me that another serious crash could be my last one so I started running and gave away five of my bikes to friends and relatives. I’ll probably end up with two bikes: one on my trainer and one for occasional road bike rides.

Since I ran the mile and 2-mile in high school and ran a lot until I was around 30 I decided to get back to running for my main form of aerobic exercise instead of biking. In late 2022 I participated in six 5Ks in Colorado and in 2023 I ran 42 races, most of which were 5Ks. In 2024 I’m at it again with a goal of 50+ races, this time with more 10Ks and maybe a half marathon.

2022 Races:

2023 Races:

2024 Races:

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