Canyon Classic 2008

CC08Bill F and I drove out to Patterson with Bill’s wife, Cheryl, on Friday, the 13th (!) so we could start out with the riders on the Canyon Classic the next day at the crack of dawn. 

I was glad to get the opportunity to ride Del Puerto Canyon Rd since I had passed it so many times on my Mt Hamilton rides.  It was great to have someone to ride with, I do too many of the organized rides on my own.  There are hundreds of riders but I’m riding on my own which is not much fun.

Instead of heading back to Patterson after getting to the top of Mt Hamilton, Bill and I took off for my house then I rode with him part of the way to Los Gatos, his final destination.  They even gave us a pin at the top of Mt Hamilton with the caption “I licked Lick” referring to the Lick Observatory at the top of Mt Hamilton.

See the photos here or click on the map above.

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