August 2022 – I let my weight get up to 220 again so on August 1st I restarted intermittent fasting with a goal of 200 by the end of the month. I plan to run 3 miles three or four times a week since I’ve signed up for the Erie 5K on August 21st. I’ll also ride my bike three or four times a week, working my way up to a 50 mile ride by the end of the month.

July 2022 – After another long break from the site I’ve decided to start updating the All About Me section and populating the 70 70 milers by 70 section.

April 2020 – After a long break I’m back at it. I replaced the Ride the Rockies page with a Stay At Home due to COVID-19 page and the documentaries pages with an All About Me page which is kind of a memoir.

June 2018 – Updated my home page to include Ride the Rockies, my historical rides & runs, and my favorite documentaries and podcasts which I still need to populate.

April 2018. Changed my front page to be static so I can use it for explaining what I’m doing with links to pages readers might be interested in.

March 2018. Getting back to business. On my home page I’ve posted my March plans and at the end of the month I’ll post my actuals accomplishments.

February 2018. This year I’ve set two goals for myself. The first is to complete the 2018 Ride the Rockies, a six-day, 418-mile bike ride with 25,935 feet of climbing – June 10th thru 15th. The second is the Boulder Backroads Half Marathon on September 9th. My training will include multi-day bike rides between now and June as well as runs three to five times a week. I’ll participate in bike rides with the St Vrain Chain Gang as well as a lot of solo rides.  To prep for the half marathon I will likely run some locally organized events in the 10K range.

March, 2016. From November to early February it was tough to ride in my new hometown (Longmont, CO) but the weather finally improved. I’ve ridden with Alison Powers and her trainees, twice with Blue Sky Velo, and once with the St Vrain Chain Gang. Steve Saeedi and I have gotten out twice, once on mountain bikes. I’ve even commuted to work by bike once. Steve and I will be riding some of the Colorado Randonneurs Brevets this year starting March 13th with the Carter Lake 108K.

October, 2015. For this year I set a goal of riding 62 metric centuries by my 62nd birthday on October 25th. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it since we’ve been preparing to move to Colorado over the last few months. I’ll probably ride number 58 that day and might be able to squeeze in another four before year-end. We move to Colorado in mid-November so the riding might be curtailed by weather.

October, 2013. This year’s goal was 52 centuries by my 60th birthday on October 25th. For the 52nd 84 of my cycling friends showed up to join me. 64 of them rode the full century and the others rode shorter distances. My wife and daughter hosted a BBQ for everyone and the food was great. Tons of fun.

April, 2011.  Finally back to running again and more cycling.  My big running goal this year is to finish Wharf to Wharf on July 24th in under 50 minutes which won’t be easy.  No cycling goals other than to knock out at least two centuries a month along with a lot of other short rides.

December, 2010.  Completed 46 centuries this year but my goal was 52.  A leg injury, bad weather, and lack of motivation has slowed me down.  Need to get back on the bike when I’m feeling up to it.

October, 2009.  Another long layoff due to lack of motivation.  Time to get crankin’.

October, 2008.  I’ve slowed down the centuries now doing shorter rides with more climbing.  I had a tough time at Furnace Creek 508 this year so my singular focus is preparing for that again in 2009.  I plan to crush my prior personal best times by losing weight and training hard.

December, 2007 and I’m on a much more rigorous training schedule thanks to Bruce Hendler of AthletiCamps.  My main objective is to keep up with my buddies from Northern Ireland on our next ride in Italy, June 2008.

June, 2007: I’m just getting started with this new website.  I’ll be posting stories and photos from my bike rides and visits to Asia, Northern Ireland, Italy, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and elsewhere.  I may even update this About page from time to time.

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