March 2018 Plans

In June 2017 I retired from Seagate and I began a conditioning program where I rode my bikes, ran, and worked out in our basement. I started at 205lbs and by Thanksgiving I was down to 190. Unfortunately, I slid back into old habits over the holidays and now on March 1st I’m up to 207lbs and have lost much of the conditioning. 

Now I’m getting back on track and plan to work hard again this month, April, and May. I’m preparing for the five-day, 418 mile Ride the Rockies event which I’ll talk about more in upcoming posts. The 25,935 feet of climbing sounds like a few too many. I plan to take photos on each of the six treks through the mountains and hopefully post them each night from the hotel room where I’m staying. I couldn’t bring myself to camp each night like some of my friends are doing.

My main goal this month is to bike and run at least four or five days a week, increasing the distances of both as the days go by.

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