Legion of Honor 70 miler

20130825_115239After Brian Chun showed me this route I’ve made a few changes taking some of the brutal climbs out of the route. The next time I’m leading this one is Sunday, April 9th rolling at 9:00AM. We’ll start from the Pioneer Hotel in Woodside at 2925 Woodside Rd in Woodside.

Photos from the last few times I led this ride are here, here, here, herehere, and here.

This is a link to the RideWithGPS route (you can download your GPX or TCX file from this link) and this is a link to the Excel Route Sheet.

This is a great ride with a long stretch on the Sawyer Camp Recreation Trail and great views from the California Legion of Honor including the Golden Gate Bridge.

2 thoughts on “Legion of Honor 70 miler”

  1. I saw and recognized your name on the James Porter’s list of kudos, which led me to your profile and this link. I did this ride with you 3 years ago when you came out for a visit. I still talk about your clever routing through Pacifica and SF. Now I have the route in my files, so I can take my Kovid Kids up there. I hope you are doing well and hopefully getting in a few rides.

  2. Thanks for the note, Steve. I haven’t been riding as much as I did in the Bay Area since I moved to Colorado back in 2015. I’m glad you’re able to use the route. My Dropbox account expired and I didn’t want to pay their fees to keep it going so my route sheets are only on my computer and backup drives now. I should have posted them in my WordPress file space but I was using Dropbox long before WordPress so I kept putting them there. I’m envious that you get to ride in the Bay Area, I wish I had stayed out there but I think I’m here for good.

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