Matt K’s TNT Reunion Ride

Matt K reunion Matt K organized a 30-mile ride with his trainees from prior Team in Training Tahoe events.  Today we had Vince, Nick, and Marsha from 2007; Jim from 2006; and Tom and Mason from 2005.  Repeat riders were Phil, Michael, and me from 2006 & 2005. 

To get in my mandatory 90-mile minimum I started at the parking lot of El Paseo de Saratoga, met up with the crew at the Alpine Inn for the out and back to Canada and the Pulgas Water Temple, then lunch at the Alpine Inn.  It was great to see the folks again.  I was doing so many long rides I decided not to participate with TNT in 2007 but I did support many of the riders with donations.

This was my 31st 90+ mile ride of the year.

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