Running in 2013

So far, the only organized running event I plan to run this year is Wharf to Wharf in July which I hope to run in under 50 minutes.  To do that I need to be in better running shape so I’m starting a series of running challenges.

The first challenge is 30x30x60 – 30 runs of 30 minutes or more over 60 days.  January 1st to March 2nd.

The second challenge is ??

The Parkers at the 2012 Peachtree 10K

In high school I ran the mile and the 2-mile and kept running/jogging for the next 25 years until my boss Bob Sanekoff at Dataquest had hip replacement surgery.  Bob was a life-longer marathon runner who obviously wore out his hip with all the running.  That’s when I decided to run less and bike more but I still enjoy running and decided this year to get back into better running shape.  Wharf to Wharf here I come.

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