ACTC Reverse Mt Hamilton

Rev Mt HamIt was my turn to lead a ride so I chose to inflict some pain with 113.5 miles and 9,200 feet of climbing.  Unfortunately, I felt way too much of that pain myself.

Our intrepid crew of 15 started out at the Target in Milpitas and were later joined by two late risers but long riders.  Three or four bailed out early for dubious reasons but the rest of us trudged onward, northward, upward, and southward.

The first pain came with the infamous Sierra Road climb, 4.5 miles of serious elevation gain (2,000 feet!).  Then it was smooth sailing up to Sunol, Pleasanton, and Livermore.  On Calaveras ’til the Mines climb I was in the good company of Guy, Dave, and Greg to paceline and snack at the Lucky store in Livermore.

An unexpected benefit of today’s ride was the Cinderella Century which covered some of the same roads we were riding.  This all-girl ride made for some interesting conversations between the inimitable Guy and the participants.  I’m not sure how many phone numbers he gathered but he was in rare form as he harassed er…joked with numerous ladies, many wearing tutus or boas or lots of pink or all three.  As we turned toward the Junction at the Mines Road red light one of the unsuspecting Cinderellas was informed that we were “Headin’ to the Junction, the Petticoat Junction.”  She graciously declined Guy’s generous offer to join us.

By the time we reached the Junction Cafe our numbers swelled to eight with Brian, Barry, Spencer, and Clyde catching us moments after we arrived.  Ravi was in hot pursuit but arrived as we were leaving.

The climb up San Antonio Valley Road and Mt Hamilton were not welcome experiences since we were already at mile 70++ but we soldiered on to regroup at the top.  All but Spencer who must have had an ice cold beer waiting for him at home since he skipped the scenic view from the observatory.

Dave B and I descended much too fast but we survived the twists and turns of Mt Hamilton Road, Crothers, and the Alum Rock Trail.  By the time we had loaded our cars, sipped ice cold chocolate milk, phoned home with the good news of our survival, and pulled out of the parking lot, our fellow riders had found their way back to Milpitas in one piece, too.

This was my eighth century of the year.  Photos and GPS output are here.

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