ACTC Century led by Brian

ACTC route A year ago I joined the Almaden Cycle Touring Club which was an excellent decision since I’ve met a lot of great people among the 1000+ members and ridden many miles with club members.  This ride was no exception as Brian C led eight of the ACTCers from Los Altos into the hills west of Cupertino.  A fun ride on a very cold day in Northern California.

This was my first long ride since Furnace Creek 508 in October making November, 2007 the first month in over 2 1/2 years that I didn’t get in at least one 90+ mile ride.  But, it was a very productive month after all.  I went to AthletiCamps for a week-end of evaluation and training to improve my riding skills.  Bruce Hendler has put me on a program that has already started to help me become  a stronger rider.  I took a few photos at the camp and they’re posted here. .

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