At Home By Month

April 2020 – For the first time I bought groceries through the web using the Instacart app to get groceries from King Soopers (Kroger-owned). It was more expensive than I’d like but it was convenient. Several things I ordered weren’t available or the shopper replaced them with my real time permission via chat in the app.

March 2020 – Stay at home orders started popping around the world and the U.S. so I started being more careful about being around people away from home. Near the end of the month Governor Polis issued a stay at home order for Colorado which stopped our house cleaner and yard guy from coming over. We decided to go ahead and pay them through the crisis, at least for the next few months.

February 2020 – Countries around the world start experiencing cases of the virus that was later named COVID-19. It was starting to get scary but I still didn’t have a clue. To add a new exercise method to my workouts I bought a Concept2 rowing machine for the basement where I had already been jumping rope, doing box jumps, lifting weights, and doing situps, pushups, & planks.

January 2020 – I first started hearing about the virus plaguing China but didn’t have a clue what was coming. At the same time I moved our recumbent bike trainer up to the sitting room next to the master bedroom and our treadmill over to Morgan’s house. All to make room for a rowing machine.


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