Legion of Honor Route

My good friend Brian Chun introd20130825_115239uced this route to me a few years ago.  His version is much more difficult than mine since his goes up a few extra steep climbs than this one.  I’m leading this ride Saturday, May 16, 2015 rolling at 8:30AM.

Photos from the last few times I led this ride are here, here, here, herehere, and here.

This is a link to the RideWithGPS route (you can download your GPX or TCX file from this link). The latest change is to skip the Highway 1/Skyline interchange by taking Gateway and Hickey to get back up to Skyline.

This is a link to the Excel Route Sheet updated Feb 2014 along with the RideWithGPS route.

This is a great ride with a long stretch on the Sawyer Camp Recreation Trail and great views from the California Legion of Honor including the Golden Gate Bridge.

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